iTunes versus Amazon

Amazon sells more than books. They also sell music. They don’t have a handy little app like iTunes to help you navigate and browse around looking for music but if you can type it in the search field and it exists, chances are that Amazon has it.

They have no DRM attached to the file either. You buy it. It’s yours. You can play it on any MP3 device you like.

For the past few years, even knowing that Amazon was selling MP3s without DRM wasn’t enough to sway me to buying my songs from Amazon.


I decided to change my credit card in iTunes.

I have tried numerous times to change my credit card within iTunes and I usually get a ‘your card information doesn’t match what the bank says.’ Meanwhile, literally everyone else is accepting my new bank card and as well they should, it’s a valid card.

Because of all of these needless iTunes problems with simply changing credit cards, I have made the switch to Amazon. I had to change my credit card information with Amazon and had absolutely no trouble doing so.

iTunes never even presented me with a number to call to help me fix the problem. Just gave me an error message and nothing more.

Now I give them nothing more too. Right back at ya! 🙂

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