Clarification on Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research has never been banned by anyone.

The government won’t FULLY fund embryonic stem cell research which so far has produced nothing.

The government under Bush decided not to fully fund the research but not fully funding research isn’t banning the research. The government just isn’t paying for all of it.

I’ll say it again. Just because the government (our tax dollars) aren’t funding all stem cell research doesn’t equate to anyone banning it.

To say that it’s been banned by anyone is a complete and total lie.

There has been no court ruling and congress hasn’t passed a law against stem cell research.

Stop freaking lying about it.

For anyone who may be confused about the differences between Adult Stem Cell Research and Embryonic Stem Cell Research, I offer this video. Spend the 12 minutes and you’ll learn a great deal.

Jill, you can have your soap box back now.

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