Broken Promises

Picture from Windows Central

I have been looking forward to the Minecraft 4k upgrade on xBox One X for about 2 years. That was already problematic for me. I’m used to Apple making an announcement and then delivering on it shortly thereafter. Mojang doesn’t follow that example and chooses to announce things that don’t really exist for consumers, promise that they’ll have it by a certain date, and then simply not deliver it. From Engadget…

Minecraft‘s big Super Duper Graphics Pack is no more after two years of delays. Mojang has cancelled the visual overhaul after deciding that it was “too technically demanding” to implement. The developers “aren’t happy” with the upgrade’s performance across platforms, and chose to axe the project rather than offer inconsistent quality.


Pretty sure it wasn’t the developers that chose to axe the project.

Guess I should start learning how to mod the game.

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