Upgrade Project Notes

What/Why: I’ve decided to keep a few notes about one of the major projects I am currently working on. I will not give out details because I really can’t. What I can do is document my experiences as it affects my schedule and my life as a whole.

Disclaimer: This page will probably be incredibly boring to read. You have been warned.

Phase 1: Week Ending 4/21/17

This week I began my new schedule of working a regular “day shift” style job. There were a few moments where I got defensive about the processes that we currently use but that is to be expected. We all tend to get a little defensive about the way we do things. I felt a bit bad about it and I could literally see myself acting that way but could do nothing to stop it at the time. If that makes any sense?

Update: 6/1/17 – The software we will be using is still not installed so we can’t do any actual “testing” just yet. We are doing a lot of analysis and still doing new configurations in our old system.

Update: 6/21/17 – We were able to load the new software version into our development system. So far, there is a lot to like.

Update: 11/16/17 – Updated the sidebar to include a countdown widget. Our priorities have been swiftly moved around and off target. The install looks like a zero hour evolution at this point.

Update: 01/02/2018 – Working on a big “straw man” worksheet to outline some of the old/new processes.

Update: 04.04.18 – The upgrade has been pushed back a couple of times now. We’re hoping to upgrade by the middle of the month. We’re all crossing our proverbial fingers.

Update: 04.25.18 – We installed the new system over the weekend of the 13th. We have been live with it ever since. Problems? Sure. We expected no less and we’re working through it.

Update: 06.04.18 – The system is certainly more stable than when we first went live. I still don’t feel that it is totally stable.