Conservatives really don’t believe in victims. If they would, it might sound something like they believe you are a “victim” of yourself. I’m pretty sure that is an accurate statement.

Liberals can’t exist without victims. Because of this, Conservatives and Liberals are diametrically opposed to each other. Its kind of like when you try to force two North poles of a magnet together. They repel each other.

Having said that, I’ll say this.

I believe that the democrats did willfully and knowingly try to destroy the U.S. economy before the 2008 presidential election. Why? If life doesn’t suck enough, you won’t vote for a different party. They also think that they are smart enough to fix it. They believe they are smart enough to tell you how to live. They needed disaster. Doom and gloom. Everything they do depends on misery. Someone somewhere has to be miserable. They aren’t needed otherwise. Why would we need the state to intervene if everything is fine? It can’t be fine if you are a Democrat.

Is it such a stretch to wonder as to whether the Democrats or their ilk are responsible for the BP oil spill in the gulf? I think they thought they could easily contain the spill but make a very serious point about off shore drilling. As with the economy, it’s not that simple. It’s not as easy as they thought it would be and we find ourselves in a very serious situation.

The children cannot be allowed to run the candy store any longer. It’s almost funny in that we believe that they might actually behave this time. Every time we do this country takes a serious hit. To quote the movie Animal House “Thank you sir, may we have another?”

How many economic hits? How many personal freedoms? How much federal government? How many man made disasters? How much domestic terrorism? How much taxpayer looting? How many more times do you need someone to tell you that you are a victim? How much longer do we really need a union for anything with all the federal laws protecting workers these days? How many more times do you need the Democratic Party to tell you how stupid you are?

Before you finally wake up.

If you don’t exercise and sit in air conditioning all day long chances are you’ll get fat.

Don’t be surprised when you do.

So when you wake up and find that you no longer have any personal freedoms because you thought Barrack Hussein Obama stood for hope and change…

…don’t be surprised when you have no hope and nothing has changed.

Moving The Office

Yes. It looks as though the time may have finally come for my company to move down to the 2nd floor of the CTI building.

I’ve been waiting for a few months for the office space to open up and it could happen as early as today.

Moving a studio is never fun.

We’ve grown in the last couple of months so its necessary.

Yet, its Memorial Day weekend.


(Update 06-04-10: Moving the office has not occurred as of yet. I’m told the official move will be this weekend!)

(Update 06-05-10: I am officially moved to the second floor of the CTI building! )

What I’ve been reading…

Quite a bit actually…

Starship Series by Mike Resnick is one of the most entertaining Sci-Fi reads you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to on Audible. What makes this a great series in my opinion is the fact that Resnick writes in the occasional bathroom scene or repeatedly writes scenes around the mess decks. People have to eat and go to the bathroom and it’s usually always missing from other great series. Stupid? Yes. I think these things add realism to the series and again, Mike Resnick did one hell of a job on this. Highly recommended.

This is a drive by blog entry. I’ll add links to where you can find both the book and audio download later…

The Times Square “Walk-Through”

The bomb discovered in Times Square yesterday is most certainly startling but I’m afraid that we’re probably not looking at something that was attempted and failed but rather a very successful test run of bigger things yet to come.

Hypothesis: Is it possible to plant a car bomb in the very heart of Times Square successfully?

Answer: Yes. It is.

This just goes to show how vulnerable we still really are. At the very least, the folks who wish us harm now know that they can get a car full of explosives into New York City without much trouble.

I have no doubt that the United States will be hit again by terrorists. It would be unrealistic to assume otherwise. Muslims see the US as the biggest obstacle to their master plan so of course, we are a target. The evil west and all of that.

I would hope that when they hit us again we have a strong leader sitting in the White House. Someone that we could all rally behind in a time of great need.

The day is coming. We cannot afford to meet the day with someone in charge who has really never been in charge of anything. His professional credentials made up by a pool of Democrats who just didn’t have anyone else who could win on their own merits. Obama is our first “manufactured” president.

He was manufactured to do many things. Leading the nation, unfortunately, is not one of them.

When the next BIG DAY comes, I hope we have someone in charge who won’t simply pee his pants and ask for a PB and J when the going gets tough.