Motivated Writer

 After finishing “How Firm a Foundation” by David Weber I find myself incredibly motivated to write. I was curious about when the next book would come out and so I went to David’s website.

On the front page was a post explaining that David is busy writing the 6th book of the Safehold series and in addition to that, he also has a Twitter account and he’s tweeting updates.

I suppose that after seeing that David is already hard at work on his next book shows me that I need to be hard at work on my screenplay.

Thanks David.

Another Mess. Please Excuse.

 I have changed back to my old trusty WordPress Theme but not without problems.

A whole lot of stuff needs to be reconfigured. I mean. Really? Who needs to update a damn theme?

I am tired of updates, especially security updates. Why? It tells me that you have no fu**ing idea how to fix your problem. The more security updates you push, the less you understand the problem. If you understood the problem and knew how to stop it…well…you get the idea. 

Ok. I’m done now.

A Life Online

 Do not live your life online.

If you do, you are doing it wrong.

The time you spend messaging, texting, or posting on Facebook or Twitter could be time better spent with someone you love. Who deserves the attention more? 


I would tend to think your real flesh and blood loved ones do.

I can say this because it’s my blog and I’ll write what I damn well please.


That is all.

Weekend Update

First, I’d like wish my friend Tabitha a very happy birthday!
Now, some stories from my Instapaper that I found interesting this week.

Fruit Ninja SS

Social workers tend to have more ethics problems personally than most.
Louis C.K. knows how to market himself.
Notice how the articles so far come from GigaOm? Yeah, me neither.
20 New Year’s Resolutions for folks who are twenty-something.
Fruit Ninja Cat.
That’s all I got for right now.
I’ll be devoting most of my free time to meeting an April 30th deadline for the warehouse movie that John Miller and I have been working on and off on for about 2 years. Wheels are in motion and it looks like this thing might actually happen.