Apple WWDC Predictions

This is the biggest software conference that matters. Well, it matters to all of us Apple people anyway.

In light of the whole GrayBox thing, I am going to predict that either Apple will allow you to turn off your lightning data port for everything except charging or they will turn it off by default.

So far, that’s all I got.

I look forward to spending next week in Swift/XCode land.

Let it Rain

Tent is up. Hoping to spend the night out in the rain.

Crazy. Yes.

Fun. Hell, yes.

Update: Did NOT rain last night as far as I could tell. Had a most excellent night sleep. It was the perfect temperature.

05.31.2018Updated Update: I have been sleeping in the Winterial Bivy Tent all week expecting to be rained on at some point. It finally rained this morning and I am happy to report that this tent is holding up pretty well.

06.01.2018Updated Updated Update: Last evening was a good steady rain and the tent is holding up. Good to know if I ever find myself in a monsoon.

Ok to be Evil Again

Google employees have been given the unofficial “green light” to be evil if they wish to be.

Google has removed the phrase “Don’t be Evil” from their employee manual.

I’m waiting for this story…

“Well, I had planned on donating blood today but I saw that my company [Google] had removed the don’t be evil thing from the employee book…thing and well, I decided to run over a bunch of puppies instead. You know…since it’s ok now…and all.”

Floating Pacific Islands Free From Government

This is a pretty cool idea.

If you’re struggling to do business or just live under your country’s administration, a movement of philanthropists, academics and investors is working on a very sci-fi alternative.

I like the concept and when it comes to overreaching government regulations. I have always felt like I am in the minority or that other folks just don’t care enough.

“If you don’t want to live under a particular government, people will be able to just take their house and float away to another island.”-Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, Floating Island Project

I was thinking about retiring in St. Thomas but this might be a better idea.

Take That Media dot Org

This is the big project I’ll be working on for at least 6 months. The plan is to put a complete archive of all of our shows on the site. We’ve done literally thousands of podcasts over a ten year period and it will all be up for your listening pleasure.

The goal is to have the site ready to go by November 2018. I thought I could get this done by the summer but I’m not holding my breath.

Productive Weekend

I thought I’d get a chance to post more over the weekend but alas, it was not meant to be.

Saturday was chock full of things to do around the house and Sunday was a full work day for me.

I still have a crap ton of stuff to do related to work and home. I should probably clone myself.

I have also decided to post the entire Take That! Media archive to the web so that anyone can download and listen to all of our old shows.

On Friday night, I listened to the Brass Balls Radio 50th episode (you can listen below) which was hosted by non other than Mark Steyn. It was a great show to produce and brought back a lot of great memories.

I’ve added the archive project to the growing list of things.


Biohacker – Good News and Bad News

Good News: The CEO who injected himself with an untested Herpes cure back in February lived to tell the story.

Bad News: The CEO who injected himself with an untested Herpes cure back in February lived to tell the story — until May.

Full story here.

Additionally…he could also have played Kylo Ren. He looks a little like Adam Driver.

The Raspberry PI Post

I am writing this post on my Raspberry PI. For anyone who does not know what that is…

It is a computer that basically fits in the palm of your hand. They are incredible powerful and do a lot of things. Some use them as their home PC. Some use them for robotics projects. They are amazingly powerful for their size. HDMI video output, 4 USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet port. It also supports bluetooth connections.

The official website is here.

Government Assumption – Fire Zones

Government in general usually makes a lot of assumptions when it comes to knowledge that the citizens should or should not have.

Fire zones are just one of the many examples.

What the hell does that even mean? How the hell would any of us know what a fire zone is and why would we?

It is meaningless bullshit that only the retarded government worker who came up with it knows. Not everyone is a fire fighter and not everyone knows what these stupid idiotic retarded zones mean.

Whomever invented them. Fuck. You.