Trello for Project Management

I was looking around for an easy project manager to use that would work with my iPad. I use the iPad for my planner (Pocket Informant) so it just made sense to use an app for project management as well.

Trello looks promising. They have some add-ons you can purchase but most of the functionality is free. Trello isn’t just an app but also has a web interface for those team mates that may not have Apple products. The folks that work for me don’t have iPhones, for example. No problem. The web interface works the same as the app on the iPad.

I have converted a couple of planner entries to projects and am looking forward to adding my team members to the process.

One of the major problems we have is reporting what we are working on and communication between us. We don’t always keep each other in the loop. This type of software should help fix that problem.

I’ll post back after using this for a week. I’m hopeful.