Project Consolidate

I am working on pulling all of my websites into one place. It will have a name that makes more sense than The only reason that anyone knows what that means is because I told them.

This new website is more like a journal for me and less about someone reading about me on the web.

The new site will be based on my name. I have a database issue to contend with but once that is complete, I plan on having the new site up and running this weekend. If the database doesn’t cooperate, it could be a bit longer.

I am NOT transferring all of my books over to the new site manually.

More to come.

iPad Appreciation

I usually manage this website using my laptop or my iMac. I needed to change the current book I am reading and thought it would be a good time to test the ability of the iPad Pro I use. It is not the latest one but it still packs a good punch when it comes to getting work done.

I am not using the traditional style keyboard to write this post. Just the touch screen keyboard. To properly post a new book, I need to grab some artwork for the book, load that via FTP to my website, and then add the book details to the plugin I use. This was all easily accomplished by just using my iPad.

Sometimes I forget just what a wondrous device this truly can be. Even the spell checking works really well and substitutes words effortlessly. My iPad Pro is a machine I use mostly for playing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms but it is capable of so much more. You could draw pictures. You could, maybe. I cannot. I have the pencil but not the required skills to really draw anything. That is ok. I think I do much better at writing.