About ChipHeadMike..

I read. A. Lot. That is probably one of the first things you should know about me. I have always loved reading and can never get enough. I listen to audiobooks while reading my Kindle. I am THAT bad.

The name of the site is chipheadmike because I had a boss a long time ago that called me a “chip head.”

The disclaimer is that you can read this blog at your own risk. I have done many things over the years and most of that is contained in this blog. This blog started out as stuckatmydesk and then became Resident Chiphead and then became smpmike.com and then — finally chipheadmike. I even forked this site off into captainnukko but quickly realized that keeping up two sites was impossible for me to do. I can barely keep up with this one.

I’m pretty sure I use bad language here and there. Perhaps, within the confines of a heated political debate or just something that got on my last nerve at the moment. Over the years, my use of colorful language (from my military days) still bleeds through now and then. I am a lot more “laid back” than I used to be.

I hope you enjoy reading this shizz as much as I enjoy writing it down.

My xBox Gamer Tag is CaptainNukko. My Playstation Gamer Tag is Captain_Nukko. I have no explanation as to where that name came from. I never do. The names just come to me.

Update: 06.08.2018I’ve finally gotten around to editing this page and updating a few things. I have a bunch of short story material I still plan to write, finish writing, and post. This could be called my mid-life crisis. If that were true, I thought there’d be more cars and women. Hmm — I must be doing it wrong.

Update: 06.30.2018Yet another edit. I removed the discussion about my love life. It no longer fits here.

Update: 07.17.2018 – I changed the graphic at the top of the page to my Memoji.

Update: 08.14.2018 – I updated minor shizz.

Update: 09.23.2019I read this shizz again. Still accurate.

Update: 01.01.2020 – Updated the gaming information to include Playstation.

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