Technical Projects

I am currently working on server type stuff. I realize that if I get much more technical than that, there will be a few folks whose heads may explode.

I enjoy the simplicity of Mac Server.

I do not enjoy the complexity of creating an internal ecosystem.

If you’ve read this and said to yourself “what the hell is he talking about?” #geekwin


Instapaper Roundup

These are some of the stories I found to be important enough to save to Instapaper.

Our paychecks just got 2% lighter.

Some folks would like to ban the term “fiscal cliff” from the English language.

A great bluetooth security idea for Apple computers.

That's all I have for this week.

Stay tuned. Coming up this week…I'm sure congress will do something stupid, someone will try to take someone else's rights away, and the United States (sans morality) will continue to spiral into the abyss of history as a great idea on paper but easily corruptable over time which leads to its inevitable failure.