Scarey Nanny Crap

While reading the NYT this morning, I came across this article about technology that allows parents to monitor their kids online activity.

The problem with the article (a point that they sneak in at the very end) is that monitoring your childs every move is not only “not very productive” for you but also sows the seeds of dis-trust.

Spy on your kids. Go ahead. Don’t be surprised when they grow up to distrust.

You know that kids don’t inheritantly lie. They need to be taught to do so. Most often, they learn that from their parents. Parents then turn around and get pissed off because “little Bobby” lied to me about where he was going. I guess that is sort of like mommy lying about where she has been to daddy.

This has to be the worst generation of parents that I have ever seen. No amount of software is going to make you a better parent, I’m afraid. Because the regular day care (school) is closed for the summer, I see parents dropping their kids off at the rec center. Parents just have to be able to drop their kids off somewhere don’t they? When I was a kid, my father gave me a dollar and I was on my own for the day until dinner time. I did not need dropped off anywhere. My dad trusted me enough to give me a dollar and let me be a kid. When he asked me what I did later, I simply told him. That is how it is supposed to work.

Spying on your children robs them and you of a relationship built on trust.

Baaaad parents.

My Problems with Farmville


1. Way Too Much “Sharing”

2. Way Too Many “Notifications”

3. Notifications literally can interrupt game play, thought processes, and bring the game to an abrupt halt. I’ve been in “placement mode” only to have a notification kick me out of it. Same with plowing or planting seeds. I’ve had to literally go through the process of buying seeds two and three times because a notification has kicked me out of what I’m doing.

4. At this point, Farmville does more of “getting in your way” than anything else.

Ok, small semi-enthusiastic rant over.


Under The Influence

I’ve written a small skit last month and while writing this thing I was also putting down a few Lagers. The piece ended up being very funny and everything about it just clicked.

I’ve written another piece along the same lines this month except that now, I’ve written it without the influence of alcohol and the piece doesn’t seem to be as good as the other one. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s still good work but something feels like its missing.

I’m cutting out the beer because of the amount of calories and the amount of fat its given me. I’ll just have to get used to writing without it and hope it all works out in the end.

Who knew?

Why We Have More Gays and Other Fun Facts

Sometimes when I listen to the shows that I produce, I learn a little somethin’ somethin’. Yesterday was no exception when I taped Brass Balls Radio with Wendy Sullivan and Kimberly Haney.

The discussion led to excess estrogen in the water supply and how it gets into the water supply. You will have to listen to the show to get the details because yes, I pimp my own shit from time to time. Once you get over the initial laughable context and the light goes off…well, you’ll understand when you listen. The ladies suggest that the connection explains an exposion of gays and lesbians. Not sure how accurate that is but it is very interesting.

Strictly Right contains a clip of a union worker claiming that democracy is dead because his candidate lost. Huh? Actually, his candidate losing proves that democracy really works. The education system that he attended obviously doesn’t.


A Quick One

Sometimes writing comes easy to me and sometimes it doesn’t. Most times, my head fills up with ideas and then I just need to find the right “valve” to use to control the flow to paper. Usually, that is exactly how the process works for me.

Sometimes, it doesn’t.

I’m working on something now that has a bunch of funny pieces and elements to it but they don’t want to fit together and play nice.

I guess I’ll blame the lack of alcohol. The last time I wrote a piece like the one I’m trying to finish I did it while drinking some lager and the piece ended up being quite funny.

Oh, well.

Now I have this Eddie Murphy skit in my head. “You can win Jesse. You can win cause you’re bigger than motherfu**in’ Harold Washington. F*** Harold Washington. F*** ’em.”

That still makes me laugh.

Political Battles and Winning the War

This one might actually go pretty quickly.

There is a war on right now. A war for the White House. The Republicans think they have a real shot of “de-throning” Obama. Due to the major amount of ammunition at their disposal and because Obama’s fake life makes this so easy, I would tend to agree. Anyone who thinks that Obama wasn’t groomed for the White House going back prior to his run for the Senate is simply not paying close enough attention nor are you able to step back and see a bigger picture.

With that being said, if you wish to “de-throne” Obama there are a couple of small things you need to keep in mind. Simple “do this thing” or “don’t do this thing” type stuff. Here we go…

Campaign participation not whatever-con participation is what is needed during a presidential election cycle. Conferences should be put on hold. They serve no purpose other than to make money for the people hosting them and none of that money goes towards the folks who really need it. The hundreds you spent over the weekend to participate in whatever-con would have been better spent on a presidential campaign. That is simple common sense.

Circle Jerks. Talking to the same people over and over again will not further your cause. They already subscribe to your podcasts, they already met you at whatever-con, and they have less influence than any run of the mill lobbyist. I have several political podcasts in my iTunes feed and I cringe whenever I see the exact same names pop up in a podcast over and over again. If we are recycling the same people in radio, podcasts, and television then I suppose the new ideas aren’t flowing very freely either. How could they? I can think of a couple of folks that I could have on shows tomorrow in which I would already know exactly what they are going to say. See what I mean? How does that help anything?

Everything has to be on the table. Obama’s faults are too numerous to mention here but don’t go taking anything out of play just yet. McCain made this mistake in 2008. He tried to take the “high road.” Well, this is war and while I appreciate taking the high ground in war, this is certainly no time to take the high road. Not if you have plans of winning. In 2008, the Democrats fought to win. In 2008, the Republicans let them win. I have to say that I don’t feel like the Republicans are ready for a fight this time around either. I’m sure we’ll hear phrases from the Romney camp like “I’m not going to stoop to that level” or “I won’t attack Obama’s relationship with Jeramiah Wright because “I’m better than that.” That is why Romney will probably lose.

These are just a few things off the top of my head. Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more.


I’d like to talk about the term “containment” as it relates to forest fires. Is it appropriate to claim 5% containment on a forest fire? Could you say that the fire is 5% “under control?”

What does the word “containment” actually mean?

Containment to me means positive control. If you have 85% containment then that tells me that you have 85% control of the situation. If you were to tell me that you have 5% containment then I would have to question your use of the term “containment.” In other words, you have no containment to speak of. You have 5% of the fire contained but what about the other 95% that isn’t contained.

Containment used in this context seems and feels wrong to me.

There has to be another word.