Update: 12.25.2019I’ve changed the name of the page because I have recently purchased a Sony Playstation 4 Pro.

Ok. This page is a place for me to post the Xbox/Playstation games I am playing at the moment.

11.16.2017 – After figuring out that I need at least a 12 Rank to play the Hut part of Battlefront, I’ve been forced into Multiplayer games. I am really bad at FPS and so I get killed frequently but I am increasing rank. Currently, I am a whopping 6. <insert half hearted laughter>

12.09.2017 – Battlefront II has been the main game for me for the past couple of weeks. There are some really cool games coming out soon as well. Sea of Thieves looks great.

01.02.2018 – Still playing a crap ton of Battlefront II. Current Rank is 16.

04.03.2018 – Oh wait…yep. STILL Playing Star Wars Battlefront II. Current Rank is 25 but they changed the whole system so I am not even sure what that actually means. I used to be a level 60 Heavy but now, I am level 43 and that level changes during game play. Not sure why EA made any changes to the way it working in the beginning but I still like playing it.

04.03.2018 – Minecraft update. I am still creating great landscapes with Minecraft. I am currently building a resort community. Also, I am still waiting for a 4k update that was promised all the way back in June of last year.

04.21.2018 – With a major project going on at work, I am still playing Battlefront II when I get the chance. With the latest update they’ve added an Ewok game. I tried playing it but I would just rather play the regular multiplayer stuff. It was difficult to figure out and I think the game space is too big. I went a while round without seeing anyone else at all.

06.08.2018 – I bought an Xbox One X today. I was waiting for the price to drop since its initial release but it really hasn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it does with Battlefront II. It is amazing how long I’ve been playing the game. I still like it and as long as they keep adding new content, I’m in. Details about my level of play — below.

09.04.2018 – It has been a few months since I purchased the Xbox One X. I am still playing Battlefront II…heavily. I am in search of the Rank 50. I am also honing my sniper skills. Also playing Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings — it is absolutely delightful to play. I’m also still working in Minecraft as time permits. New rank screenshot below.

Rank as of 09.04.2018

09.28.2018 – My quest for rank 50 continues…

Rank as of 09.28.2018

08.18.2019 – Wow. I was just passing through and noticed that I hadn’t posted any new updates to my xbox page. I have long since reached level 50. I can’t remember what day it was but I expected to get something for all of the trouble. Nope. Extra credits, new guns, abilities…all a big fat, nope! What Dice has done is expand the player levels so instead of being stuck at 70 or 30 you can now reach up to a thousand or so. The have added a new part of the game called Galactic Supremacy. I spend most of the time playing in these realms.

12.25.2019 – Uno, Battlefront II, Jedi Fallen Order, and Minecraft are just a few of the titles I have been playing on the Playstation. I have been going back and forth with the xBox and Playstation. Honestly, I like both of the machines.