Stephen King’s IT

Went to see the movie last night with a couple of co-workers.

I am obviously not going to write a detailed review. I am not very good at that. I will say that I think it was a little better than the first version. If I recall, that was a mini-series that lasted about six hours.

One of the guys made a comment before we went in the theatre “Geez, if the first IT was 6 hours how long is this going to be?”

Running time was a bit over 2 hours.

Nice job and I would recommend IT. Pun intended. 🙂

The Lititz Balloon Incident of 2017 was a nice touch.

Battleship Review

I have played Battleship as a kid and even as an adult many many times. I thought the iPhone app was awesome. Later, Hasbro introduced the iPad app. Heaven!

I heard they were making a movie based on the game. “Oh man! This is going to be great!”, I thought. In my own mind, I quickly came up with 5 ways they could have written this movie.

A few months later, I finally got to see the trailer.

Aliens? Wait. What? Wait. WTF?

What do aliens got to do with Battleship?

Answer = nothing.

Sometimes. Hollywood just doesn't get it. This is one of those times.

It is like they are using frog DNA to fill in the missing sequences to their plotlines. The frog DNA is this case is aliens. (If you've seen the original Jurassic Park movie, you'll understand the reference.)

You don't need the personal relationships. You don't need aliens to make a great movie.

Battleship The Movie should have been a “no brainer” and one of the easiest movies to write. Instead, Hollywood took a chance that you are all a bunch of morons who need to be entertained using the same formula over and over again.