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This is the big project I’ll be working on for at least 6 months. The plan is to put a complete archive of all of our shows on the site. We’ve done literally thousands of podcasts over a ten year period and it will all be up for your listening pleasure.

The goal is to have the site ready to go by November 2018. I thought I could get this done by the summer but I’m not holding my breath.

Strictly Right with Wayne Rogers

Typically, I don’t cross post very much between my radio stuff and here but Wayne Rogers was by far the most fun M*A*S*H character to watch. Andrew and Ari got a chance to talk to him last night on their show and it’s worth a listen.


On this edition of Strictly Right, Ari and Andrew chat about the latest case of political correctness, the state of affairs in Israel, and a great interview with Wayne Rogers of FOX News and M*A*S*H.

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Modern Train Travel

I’m on an Amtrak train right now in total defiance of all the bad things that have been happening on them these days.

More legroom, power outlets, and just generally a cool experience.

I’m on my way to meet 2 members of the Take That! family and later tonight, we will be having a meetup at some location in Manhattan, NY.

Tabitha and Wendy will be worth the trip I’m sure!

I’ll be posting pictures as I can…

A Take That! Radio Marathon

Starting at 11:30 am we will be getting you caught up on all of our shows from last week.

11:30 – Brass Balls Radio – Show 54
01:00 – The Right Doctor – Show 13
02:00 – Raisin’ Hale – Show 14
03:00 – The Right Doctor – Show 14
04:00 – Raisin’ Hale – Show 15

5:00 pm EST – Brass Balls Radio – Show 55 is officially released on iTunes!

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Choose the program you will use to play the stream. It will download a small file. Double click on it and it should automatically bring up your player. We’re still in beta so we don’t have our flash player yet!

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