15 Things on Thanksgiving


*** WARNING: I use bad words in this post. If I could have replaced them I would have. No other words fit the sentence, however I apologize for the bad words but I will not apologize for what is said because its true. ***

Happy Thanksgiving! I felt like writing about a few things this morning for a couple of reasons. I wanted to make sure I had at least 10 things that I still cared about and there are a few issues that still continue to jump up and down on my last nerve. This could also qualify as a “Slave Update.” Here is some news and some views…

Before I begin I would like to make this statement to all of my liberal friends who think America is evil in its current form and needs to be fundamentally changed. Pack your shit and fucking move to Europe you pathetic piece of monkey dong. Ok, what was I saying? Oh yeah…

1- Class warfare is soooo 1500s. The only class warfare that exists today does so in the ideas and beliefs of the weak minded. Remember, without crisis generation the democrats have no platform. It doesn’t take a genius to adopt a personal policy of “do what feels good now.” I personally believe that people vote for democrats because they are scared into it.

2- Tom DeLay is found guilty on money laundering charges. We had Tom DeLay on the Strictly Right podcast over at takethatmedia.com. Check it out.

3- Netflix raises rates on DVD accounts in an effort to push the online streaming business. Let’s face it, online streaming has much less overhead then sending DVDs back and forth through the mail.

4- Hopefully, by NOT extending unemployment claims the economy can start to rebound and recover. Yes, when you pay people to do nothing they will NEVER surprise you. They’ll continue to do nothing.

5- I’m thankful for a bunch of things this year. Most importantly, I’m thankful for my podcasting friends. I enjoy producing and will keep doing it until it isn’t fun anymore. After about 5 years, it’s still fun.

6- The biggest mindless time waster continues to be television. I am additionally thankful that I rarely ever turn on my satellite receiver. When I do, it is to watch the Science Channel. I remember that as a small boy my biggest enjoyment came from playing outside with my friends. I think that as I get older, I am moving back to that way of thinking. Oh, not in wishing to play outside with my friends as a 40+ year old but in finding my enjoyment in other activities. Television has its place. I should say Television HAD its place. As online viewing increases along with bandwidth, television will continue to die a slow and painful death but make no mistake about it; the end is coming and I won’t shed a tear.

7- I hold NO hope that the new members of congress will change anything or at least, not in the way I believe it needs to change. Getting rid of Obamacare is going to be like pulling a giant redwood tree out of the ground by its roots. The trouble with congress is that it has become too mired in rules and procedures that each previous leadership has imposed. Look at how difficult it is to have a 3rd party candidate allowed in a presidential debate. Both Republicans and Democrats have made the process so lop sided that it is nearly impossible to get a REAL debate to happen. In the same fashion, the old school continues to flourish and we continue to quietly have all of our freedoms taken from us a piece at a time. Nothing to see here my fellow slaves.

8- I am wondering how long it’s going to be until people realize that teacher’s unions are destroying our education system. I wonder how long it’s going to be until we can have school budgets that do not rival those of small countries. Remember Little House on the Prairie? The town pitched in and built a one room school house. The teacher was given a small salary and the community provided the books, quills, and parchment (yes, Harry Potter reference. I am on a roll). The difference between then and now is the ratio of taxes we pay to the money they provided for education back in the 1700s.

9- I’ve said this in a previous post, once you have paid off the home you’ve bought your tax burden should be over. In doing so, the government can NEVER take your property except as directed in the U.S. Constitution.

10- If you have NO children or NO children of school age or NO children in the public education system you should NOT be paying school taxes. Period. The idea of it is utterly ridiculous.

11- Am I the only person who looks at the constitution, and then at Washington DC, and then back to the constitution, and then back to Washington DC and wants to throw up? The two don’t look anything alike. The ideas of the founding fathers were lost on people who lost sight of why America was founded in the first place. There will always be those people out there who think they know what is best for everyone. Those are the types of people we need to keep OUT of government. To quote a friend, “You are not smart enough to tell me how to live.” Hear that Washington DC?

12- Taxing unemployment benefits makes me laugh so hard that I want to pee myself. Wait. Maybe I have a deep seated desire to pee myself? Hmmm.

13- Most people who use the term “pornography” don’t know what it means. While I may believe that pornography has its place and that place may be out of public view, simple nudity is NOT pornography. If you are offended by nudity then you have issues. The type of indoctrination that makes someone feel offended by nudity is a difficult concept for me to embrace. For example as a man, I have no problem looking at a nude woman. It doesn’t make me feel dirty or ashamed. The idea that God would create something that he thinks is beautiful and in his own image and then turn around and tell you not to look at it is preposterous at the very least. Imagine sitting in your living room after completing a toy model of something you like. You invite a friend over and tell them about what you’ve made but you don’t want them to look at it. That would just be plain weird. “But what about the garden? Adam and Eve ate the fruit and noticed they were naked and were ashamed.” You say. It is difficult to accept that once Adam and Eve ate fruit that they became “aware” of their nudity and were ashamed. This implies that all of their offspring would feel the same way. Children born into a nudism lifestyle don’t know what the shame of nudity is which clearly shows that the shame of one’s body is a LEARNED behavior. The problem with the anti nudity folks lie in their logic. If what they believe were true, we wouldn’t have naked tribesman running around in Africa now would we? I’m sure that someone will come up with a rather clever explanation based in other Biblical passages that will conveniently explain away what I’ve just said. It won’t make the argument any more logical though. Mike wins this round. Suck it.

14- Why the new “Slave Update” thing on the blog? What does it mean? Because, we are all slaves to something. We are enslaved by the government and by our own existence. I would rather worry about my own existence than have to deal with the government to be honest about it. You can also be a slave to your religion. If you ever had any question about religious stagnation, look at any devout Muslim community. Their belief system is such that they’ll never get out of the stone age. Amish beliefs are very similar. Two cultures that actually have put caps on personal growth and in so doing have condemned everyone within that society to a life without real freedom. As Americans, we are in the same situation. Do you have a Social Security number? If you truly enjoy freedom, is there any reason why you think the government should know as much about you as they do? We are enslaved. I am beginning to believe that the only people who truly enjoyed freedom were the men and women who founded this country. Bringing up the idea of a Social Security Card to the founding fathers would probably have gotten you shot or at the very least you would have been cast out.

15- Leadership. Let me tell you what leadership isn’t. Leadership is NOT telling people to do things that you are not willing to do yourself. Leadership IS teaching your subordinates to be leaders themselves and showing them how it’s done. Leadership takes place at the front of what you are doing and NOT the rear. Leadership is giving your people what they need to succeed. Your office light is the first to come on in the morning and the last to be turned off at night. A good leader knows his people. He knows where they came from and why they are here. Why do I bring this up? Because I think that if you need to have a “focus” group to find out what your people think then leadership is NOT for you. I am always easy to find. I’m at the center of the battle. I don’t need to have a focus group to figure out what my employees are thinking. That is just wrong, ignorant, and scary to think that we put people in charge of things who have no grasp of basic fundamental management principles.

16- Since she has been nominated for Vice-President I have been quietly surveying everyone I come in contact with who claims to “hate” Sarah Palin and charging them with explaining themselves and their position. To date, I have yet to find anyone who hates Sarah Palin because of any substantial issue. “I don’t like the way she dresses” is not a valid reason to hate someone. “She is a right wing nut job.” Again, not a good reason to hate someone and clearly just your opinion. I have yet to hear the real reason people claim to hate Sarah Palin. Do you know what it is? The real reason people claim to hate Sarah Palin is because other people tell them to. Co-workers, colleagues, family members, and of course the mainstream media are all responsible for “making” you hate Sarah Palin. Unfortunately for you, it makes the case that you are weak minded and cannot think for yourself. You are only capable of thinking whatever you are told to think. Think about it. You may get angry and pissed off about what I’ve said but its true and thats what hurts; isn’t it? There isn’t anything about Sarah Palin or her family to hate. They may disagree with you and that is not a valid reason to hate anyone.

And that’s it folks…16 things I felt compelled to write about on Thanksgiving.

Slave Update: Real Ownership


As I was contemplating the universe this morning fellow slaves, I began to wonder about home ownership and in particular the role of the tax payer burden on a home that is already owned.

I don’t think there should be any.

I think when you have finished paying off your home, your tax liability should go away as well. Why? Because, you already own the property.

Let’s say I go out and buy a Suzuki Quad Racer (a four wheel off road vehicle for those of you who live in Cleveland) and I pay for it in 12 payments.

The taxes and my whole liability is already calculated into my payments and when I am finished and make the last payment. The bike is mine.

If I don’t ride it on the road, I don’t need to license it so I owe the government no more money beyond the taxes I’ll pay for gas.

If I do decide to license it and ride it on the road and I decide not to pay the next license fee, no one will come to take my bike away. Why? I own it.

Along the same lines, does the government have the right to take your toaster or do you own it?

Why is home ownership so different? Why have we allowed the politicians to maneuver the tax code and laws in such a way that even if I own my home and don’t pay taxes on it, the government can still take it away from me?

The idea that buying a home doesn’t really mean buying a home should be frightening to most people.

Additionally, why should I pay school taxes for public school when I don’t have any children in the public school system? The very idea is ludicrous. Yes, ludicrous was a word before it was a rap star.

This is what happens when government gets out of control. These changes didn’t happen over night. They happened gradually and over time and in such small measure that the small proposals might have even made sense when they were first voted on. Fast forward to the present.

You don’t really own your home. If you doubt me, just stop making a few tax payments. When the sheriff comes a callin’ you’ll be saying to yourself “damn, that geek dude was right…and stuff.”

This has been an official Slave Update