Lock Screen Menu Option in MacOS High Sierra

I just found this tonight as I was messing around with other things. Ok, things that might rhyme with KindCraft.

MacOS High Sierra has a new option under the Apple Menu. It is new to me anyway. I don’t remember seeing this in Sierra.

The ability to lock your screen with the menu or key combinations is cool and something I would use.

Removing My iPhone Rumors Page

I’ve decided to remove my rumors page for a very good reason.

Phil Schiller.

He was talking to John Gruber of Daring Fireball out why product leaks are so disappointing to Apple and I couldn’t agree more.

I do not want to participate in making a bad experience for those folks who spend years on a project just to have some schmuck ruin it by posting “leaks” online. It may not seem like a big deal to you. To me, that is huge.

If Apple comes out with a new product and new technology, I want Apple to tell me about it and not some jackass production line worker who just wants to get paid for his information and could care less about the people it hurts.

My two cents anyway.

My Big Fat Upcoming Vacation

I’ve decided to call it “big and fat” because that is probably what I’ll become while I am on vacation.

I’m looking forward to actually leaving my house and spending a week somewhere else. It is a strange concept but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

It has been a good year as far as my professional life but really horrible on the relationship side of things. I’ve recently had a talk with a friend of mine who I work with from time to time and we seem to be in the same spot. I asked him if he was interested in dating after what he just went through and he said he wasn’t. I have no desire to enter into any other relationships. I believe this was the last try for me. I haven’t had many in my life but it doesn’t take someone who is really good at relationships to recognize someone who is very bad at them. I aim to spare that future “special someone” from that experience.

This trip is a gathering of people who have been important in my life for the last several years. We’ve been there for each other when we’ve needed it and I am looking forward to relaxing with them.

I think I really need to get away. I’ve planned on doing something like this for many years but now, it is overdue.

My friend will be picking me up in a couple of weeks and off we’ll go.

I plan on taking a shitload of pictures. There will probably be podcast material generated. Who knows?

Monday Morning Post E3 Event

Good morning! Ahhh…hopefully….

I sat through the xBox E3 presentation yesterday which was a parade of “exclusive” and “World Premiere” game announcements.

The xBox One S gives way to the all new xBox One X (Project Scorpio) and will be available in November-ish with a price tag of $499.00.

If you own titles such as Forza Horizon 3 or Minecraft, those games will be getting a free update to 4k versions sometime in the fall. I believe I had a Minecraft-gasm during the keynote. I spend way too much time in Minecraft. I’ll own that.

The graphics in the racing demo were absolutely stunning. Puddles will expand based on how long it is raining and the world engines just seem to keep getting better and better.

Between Apple announcements and Microsoft announcements we should have a pretty awesome fall.

Pretty exciting.

Apple’s Latest OS Releases

It is that time of year when Apple releases the beta versions of the next OS releases. I will admit that I do not really like the “High Sierra” name for MacOS. I was hoping for something cooler.

I have installed iOS and MacOS. I plan on installing WatchOS and TvOS at some point.

So far, I love the iPad changes. A full dock is absolutely wonderful. The file system access is nice too but I don’t see Dropbox in the sidebar so I’ll have to figure out why that is.

I am very excited about the next releases.