The Problem with America…

…stems from the results of this poll on ZD Net.

It seems that Microsoft mis-calculated their severance packages for those folks that they’ve let go last week. Microsoft wants their money back.

At the end of the article, ZD Net ran a poll about what you, the reader, would do if you were a Microsoft employee and were overpaid.


Most of the people who responded said that they would keep the money and just let Microsoft sue them for it.

Clearly. The wrong answer.

Thus, the problem with America.

Wow. Leo Laporte doesn’t like Cali Lewis anymore…

…because she voted for McCain/Palin and she thinks man-made global warming is a big fat crock.

Well, I voted for McCain/Palin and I also believe that man-made global warming is the biggest scam in United States history too.

I guess Leo Laporte doesn’t like me either.

That’s sad because I really liked his tech shows and could listen to them without ever personally caring about his views on anything else. I didn’t listen to him for any reason other than tech. Now, this changes everything.

I can’t support anyone who thinks that just because I disagree with them that I am a lower form of human.

I applaud Adam Curry for calling Leo Laporte out on this. I applaud Cali Lewis for being Cali Lewis and showing that she’s probably going to be the bigger person here.

If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it?

If Leo apologizes on the air will anyone still be listening and hear it?

Update: I have un-subscribed from every TWiT podcast in my iTunes library. That type of bigotry has no place on any of my iPods.

Run for your life

It’s the book icon that’s been in my sidebar for over a week now.

If you like a novel written by two authors and read by two people (for each main character) then you’ll love this book.

A psychotic killer calling himself “The Teacher” is on the loose and it’s up to a detective with a house full of sick children to eventually try to save the day.

Worth your time and money.

Just go to or and type in the name to find it. Yeah, I’m too lazy to do that for you today.

The Weekend

Lots of stuff going on this weekend. Everything from video production to podcast production to streaming audio to website design and everything else in between.

On top of all of this, I have to move. I believe I have found a great spot for Take That! Productions South. If all goes well, I could be moving as early as the end of this month. The building contains a video production studio, an Apple guru who works as a computer consultant, and is a dream for anyone who loves video and audio production.


Cool. Huh?

Update: I actually loved this place and will be moving in. For the ultimate computer geek (ah, me) this place is awesome!

Oh, What a Week

I haven’t had time to even keep my own blog up to date.

After my previous post, you might expect something witty and perhaps pithy.

Ahhhh, no.

I am working at my daytime gig (daytime for now) and working at my other full-time gig (the radio station) and creating a wedding video and writing.

Whew! That’s quite a lot of stuff folks.

Follow Superbowl on Twitter

Did you know that you can follow @superbowl on Twitter for all of your superbowl update needs?

Of course, most of us will be watching the game and not really paying attention to our computers.

However, there is probably this one guy in the deep white north sitting on a stool while he takes barometric readings at the north pole who only has enough electricity to power his iPhone and Twitter is the only way he’d be able to follow the big game.

He magically would have 3g access.

Heh, it could happen.