Wow. Leo Laporte doesn’t like Cali Lewis anymore…

…because she voted for McCain/Palin and she thinks man-made global warming is a big fat crock.

Well, I voted for McCain/Palin and I also believe that man-made global warming is the biggest scam in United States history too.

I guess Leo Laporte doesn’t like me either.

That’s sad because I really liked his tech shows and could listen to them without ever personally caring about his views on anything else. I didn’t listen to him for any reason other than tech. Now, this changes everything.

I can’t support anyone who thinks that just because I disagree with them that I am a lower form of human.

I applaud Adam Curry for calling Leo Laporte out on this. I applaud Cali Lewis for being Cali Lewis and showing that she’s probably going to be the bigger person here.

If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it?

If Leo apologizes on the air will anyone still be listening and hear it?

Update: I have un-subscribed from every TWiT podcast in my iTunes library. That type of bigotry has no place on any of my iPods.

2 thoughts on “Wow. Leo Laporte doesn’t like Cali Lewis anymore…”

  1. I had no idea who Cali Lewis is. She is a cutie but she talks kinda fast. And Adam Curry is my kind of guy, although this is the first time I’ve heard of him. This whole global warming BS seems to be a very “hot” issue with some. This thing with Leo kinda surprises me with the tone of his responses. The thought of alienating a lot of your listeners by comments like this is rather short sighted. AGW seems to be very much like a religion to a lot of people. Personally I wish it would warm up.

    1. The whole episode is sad. I have been listening to Leo since TWiT started. The issue would have bothered me no matter who he was talking about. Left or right. Thanks for your comments.

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