Top Instapaper Stories

A short listing of stories that caught my attention this week. 
Apple using facial recognition to unlock your iOS devices? 
Why it’s dangerous to allow key infrastructure systems to have an internet address. 
A website devoted to showing why A.D.H.D. and similar “illnesses” are complete bullshit. 
North Korea night time overhead shot. How many lights can you make out
Hope everyone has a great day!
Oh..and one more thing…’s yet another story about using false science to advance an agenda. Not that we’ve ever seen such a thing (see Al Gore…everything he’s ever done) 

My New ZaggFolio Case for iPad2

This is the first article that I have written with my new iPad 2 case and my first impressions are…


I like the sleek design of the Zagg Folio case.

A piece of paper that comes with it describes that I may only need to charge my keyboard “a few times a year.” Say what?

This thing is awsome and I can easily see why I may end up using the iPad for writing much more than my iMac.

The keyboard is built right into the case and while these types of things have been out for a while now, it was Harry McCracken’s article in Technologizer that tipped the scales towards Zagg for me.

I’ve had this thing for only an hour and I have already learned a couple of new things about Blogsy.

A case like this one isn’t for everyone with an iPad. It’s better suited towards those folks who plan to do a fair bit of writing with their iPad.

All the links you need about the case can be gotten from the Technologizer article that I linked to previously.

Someday & Stuff

Someday, I’ll get back to regular posting. After this holiday season me thinks.

Here are a few stories that I’ve saved for no particular reason at all other than “they caught my eye.”

How to make the perfect hamburger using liquid nitrogen.

Clay Shirky on the future of news and news media.

Another Earth?

Special seats at the theater for folks who like to tweet.

U.S. Cellular says they’ll wait until Apple adopts LTE before they decide to sell the iPhone. Apple says..”zzzzzzzzz.”

Carbon Dioxide is outed as being much to do about nothing as far as global warming science is concerned.