iPad Mini Logitech Keyboard Post

I just got the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini Case.

It is super small and this is the first typing I’ve done on it.

So far, not bad. Definitely something designed for the writer who needs to be able to quickly compose something on his/her Mini.

Some of the keys had to be combined with other keys to create a better typing experience. Once you get past that, it really isn’t bad. I can easily see myself typing out a short story and re-working a scene with the iPad Mini with this keyboard attached.

If you suffer from the “fat finger” thing then this keyboard is not for you.

New Zagg Keyboard for the iPad

ZaggKeys ProPlus


Just got the new ZaggKeys Pro Plus keyboard/case for my iPad 3rd generation today.

The first test of any new keyboard is for me to write a new blog post about it.

This is a new type of case. The iPad is held in place when closed by magnets and their is no real “case” per se. The iPad and the keyboard together are the case. What this means is that I'll have to buy a Gelaskin for the iPad and possibly something for the back of the keyboard piece.

The backlit keys are a plus.

Typing feels really good as well. I'm liking it.


Bad Piggies – A Review

Bad Piggies by Rovio


Rovio has just introduced Bad Piggies into the wild. This game has been expected for some time even though we really didn't know what kind of Angry Birds spin there would be on it.

As it turns out, there is very little resemblance to the original block buster iOS game.

What made Angry Birds so popular has been completely abandoned by Rovio in this new game. AB was a joy to play because you just fling birds at pigs. Pretty simple. A great diversion and time killer that didn't require any more thinking than “how far do I pull back on the slingshot?”

Very similar to “Amazing Alex” (another Rovio game), Bad Piggies requires that you build things and well…think. I'm sure that a few folks will enjoy that type of thing. I don't.

I have a few games on my iPad but the ones I tend to like the most are not the ones where a tremendous amount of thinking is involved. Little Generals is a great game. You simply blow stuff up. Yatzee is very simple. The iPad game does most of the thinking for you.

Sounds like Mike doesn't like thinking…doesn't it?

Well, I write stories, programs, movies, etc. When I turn to my iPad for a quick diversion, I like simple.

Bad Piggies is not simple.

A complete turn from Angry Birds and a complete miss for Rovio as far as I'm concerned.

(Update: 10.3.2012 – Additional thoughts. What I think this game should be is a building of structures that end with the birds being thrown against them. How many pigs you have left should determine how well you do. )

My New ZaggFolio Case for iPad2

This is the first article that I have written with my new iPad 2 case and my first impressions are…


I like the sleek design of the Zagg Folio case.

A piece of paper that comes with it describes that I may only need to charge my keyboard “a few times a year.” Say what?

This thing is awsome and I can easily see why I may end up using the iPad for writing much more than my iMac.

The keyboard is built right into the case and while these types of things have been out for a while now, it was Harry McCracken’s article in Technologizer that tipped the scales towards Zagg for me.

I’ve had this thing for only an hour and I have already learned a couple of new things about Blogsy.

A case like this one isn’t for everyone with an iPad. It’s better suited towards those folks who plan to do a fair bit of writing with their iPad.

All the links you need about the case can be gotten from the Technologizer article that I linked to previously.

iPad App Review: Blogsy

This review is written in Blogsy. How appropriate?

Blogsy is from Fomola and available in the App store for $2.99 As you may surmise from the name, it is software for writing your blog posts on the iPad.

So far, I’ve found the interface to be a bit cumbersome compared to the WordPress app. The major problem I had with the WordPress app was links and using pictures inside of your posts.

Blogsy makes this process a bit easier although I’m still not very happy with the way you create links in your posts. I think this process could be done much easier.

Overall, it’s not a bad app for the price and worth a look if you have an iPad.