Net Neutrality – Mostly Misunderstood by Nearly Everyone

by way of Arstechnica

Net Neutrality sounds like something we should all get behind. Equal internet access for all. I get the same speeds as a big corporation does and all that. The internet should be free…what…wait?

The internet is not free. The internet will never be free because someone will always have to pay for it. As long as you have to pay for something, it ain’t free.

Keeping the government out of the internet and inviting Net Neutrality do not go together for obvious reasons. Pro Net Neutrality folks hold up signs that say “FCC Have a Heart. Keep the Internet Free.” The FCC has nothing to do with that. At the end of the day, you are still going to pay for it. We are not talking about freedom. We are talking about government regulation of something that should be free of government interference.

You can’t be pro Net Neutrality and pro free internet. They don’t go together.

The folks against Net Neutrality aren’t pro big business. They are pro “government should not regulate the internet” or “keep the internet free” as some would call it.

I think most supporters don’t understand what Net Neutrality is.

That is also very sad.


Update (11/29/17): Looks like most of the comments favoring Net Neutrality on the FCC website are false.

Update (12/02/17): …and even more panic attacks from Wired. They obviously have no idea what the true issues really are. Just a bunch of writing designed to scare people into thinking that big government is always the answer. Well geniuses, it is NEVER the answer. Hence, the 2nd amendment. To allow us to keep and bear arms against each other? No. To keep and bear arms so that the government isn’t the only one who has them. Net Neutrality opens the door for the government and quite frankly, that door needs to stay closed. History has taught pro net neutrality folks nothing.