Biking Question

I frequently get asked why I ride my mountain bike in either flip flips or bare foot.

The answer is…

…comfort. Mostly.

If my feet do not feel good, I don’t feel good. It’s the end of summer and I don’t see any reason why I should ride my mountain bike wearing sneakers. It’s stupid and it’s uncomfortable.

I had someone ask me yesterday about hitting curbs while wearing flip flops. “Aren’t you afraid you’ll hit a curb?”

My answer…what curbs?

This is where suburbia goes to see if its doing suburbia right.

Shoes while mountain biking? Don’t be silly.

Pork Watch: Ticket to Ride?

via the AP

1192734 beech1900d 1

On some days, the pilots with Great Lakes Airlines fire up a twin-engine Beechcraft 1900 at the Ely, Nev., airport and depart for Las Vegas without a single passenger on board. And the federal government pays them to do it.

Federal statistics reviewed by The Associated Press show that in 2010, just 227 passengers flew out of Ely while the airline got $1.8 million in subsidies. The travelers paid $70 to $90 for a one-way ticket. The cost to taxpayers for each ticket: $4,107.

Just imagine how many other programs like this exist that you and I pay for.

Who doesn’t think Washington is corrupt now?

Top 10 Signs That Your Employees Think You Are A Jerk

via BNET


1. You don’t know the difference between managing and micromanaging:

A good small business owner knows about more than just how to run his or her business and make a profit. Good bosses manage their employees, allowing them to do their jobs the best they can. Jerk bosses try and tell their staff how to do their jobs, down to ridiculous detail. If you spend more of your time on silly minutiae and less on the big picture, your employees probably don’t like working for you.

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