Slave Update: Real Ownership


As I was contemplating the universe this morning fellow slaves, I began to wonder about home ownership and in particular the role of the tax payer burden on a home that is already owned.

I don’t think there should be any.

I think when you have finished paying off your home, your tax liability should go away as well. Why? Because, you already own the property.

Let’s say I go out and buy a Suzuki Quad Racer (a four wheel off road vehicle for those of you who live in Cleveland) and I pay for it in 12 payments.

The taxes and my whole liability is already calculated into my payments and when I am finished and make the last payment. The bike is mine.

If I don’t ride it on the road, I don’t need to license it so I owe the government no more money beyond the taxes I’ll pay for gas.

If I do decide to license it and ride it on the road and I decide not to pay the next license fee, no one will come to take my bike away. Why? I own it.

Along the same lines, does the government have the right to take your toaster or do you own it?

Why is home ownership so different? Why have we allowed the politicians to maneuver the tax code and laws in such a way that even if I own my home and don’t pay taxes on it, the government can still take it away from me?

The idea that buying a home doesn’t really mean buying a home should be frightening to most people.

Additionally, why should I pay school taxes for public school when I don’t have any children in the public school system? The very idea is ludicrous. Yes, ludicrous was a word before it was a rap star.

This is what happens when government gets out of control. These changes didn’t happen over night. They happened gradually and over time and in such small measure that the small proposals might have even made sense when they were first voted on. Fast forward to the present.

You don’t really own your home. If you doubt me, just stop making a few tax payments. When the sheriff comes a callin’ you’ll be saying to yourself “damn, that geek dude was right…and stuff.”

This has been an official Slave Update

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