Vacation 2017 – July 2, 2017

The Plan…

July 2nd is a pretty significant day for me. It is my 50th birthday. I don’t feel any older or different and I think when we all get to this age, we’d like to think it will stay this way until the end of time.

We plan on going to the lake at some point.

The Reality…

I stayed around the house yesterday and hung out with one of the ladies I am staying with. It was fun trying to break MacOS 13 while listening to her speak in French (her day job requires it).

Everyone sees me noodling at a computer and associates that with being “bored” but I am never board. Even if I am not socially engaged, my mind is always thinking about something.

We ended the day with a quick run to a nearby Lake. I’ll attach a picture or two at some point.

A nice quiet day.

Perfect vacation so far!

Let The Vacation Begin…

Well, the busy holiday madness is over for me. Time to catch my breath and decide what I’m going to do going forward.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the big holes in posting that have occured for the last several years. As I’ve said on the podcast that I’ve started back up again…we’ve been busy and stuff.

I’m looking forward to the next year and hope that the dream that I have in my heart comes true and that real love and happiness are mine once again. Time will tell.

This blog has always been about me and what I like and will continue to be so.

I’m half the person I used to be and as I’ve said just a couple paragraphs earlier, I am hoping for the best.

I hope we all find the happiness we so richly deserve.