Reporting on Non-Existing Consumer Products

The one thing I absolutely love about Apple is that they don’t announce something that they don’t have. You might not be able to buy it for a few months until production ramps up and they gauge how many units they can sell, but they’ve presented a REAL item.

Having said that, Stanford University is working on/developing a new type of battery storage. It is not ready to be purchased — hell, it may not even work on the scale they think it will so my question is — why report it?

There is plenty of “pie in the sky” in the article. It could do this…It might mean this…

There is even a COULD in the article’s title “Liquid metal battery could lower cost of storing renewable energy.” …and if your Grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

Instapaper Dump: Some Good Reading

Here are some stories worth reading via Instapaper.

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2. A few books that Bill Gates think are worth reading from 2012.

3. Five planets found around Tau Ceti. One may be habitable.

4. Short battery life plagues Windows 8 tablets.

5. Fake Morgan Freeman statement on Sandy Hook killings.