Website Hiatus

Well, I’m still here. Not on the blog actually. Just busy doing all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes, I forget to actually share those things on this blog. I’m including a small set of photos from random things.

What these pictures explain to anyone who knows me is that I really do go outside on occasion.

…and finally. This is my friend Christie. We’ve been working on projects since March. She’ll be leaving our area at the end of this month which is sad for me. She is a lot of fun to work with.

Christie – New Hair Style May 2019

New Atari Console?

via Engadget

Now that the Atari VCS team has once again delayed its retro console to give it more powerful innards, it’s ready to show what that redesign looks like. The developers have unveiled what they say is the “production-ready” system design, and it pays even more of an ode to the Atari 2600 than before. The main body now floats above the base like the 2600 did, and addresses multiple “practical considerations” in the process. To start, two of the USB ports are now front-facing — it’s much easier to plug in a controller or keyboard.


I hope this actually happens.

Steve Irwin

The following isn’t true. It is not Steve Irwin’s 57th birthday because he only ever made it to 44.

Wrong Again Google

I appreciate the sentiment but it would be more accurate of them to say Today would have been Steve’s 57th birthday. That is factually accurate.

I do miss him. He was a one of a kind awesome guy who should have gotten a longer ride on the life train.

Vacation Plans

For my next “mini” vacation, I plan to tackle something that has been driving me nuts for years. The cables under my desk. They are out of control and I have spent countless hours trying to get them to look less unwieldy.

I’ve purchased a couple of items to help the process.


Getting things organized and throwing out things I don’t need nor ever going to use has become a priority. The bottom line is that I have accumulated too much stuff. When I get to that point, I almost feel “dirty.” It is like a personal cleanse must occur to make me feel complete and somewhat normal.

Here is the current mess.

Updated: February 25, 2019 – The pictures below are the final version.

Outlook 2019

Microsoft Outlook 2019

I have been trying to get the new version of Outlook to work on my MacBook Pro for about as long as I can remember. We use an older version where I work and I have always wanted to try the newer shinier version. You know, because I am a geek.

This morning I had a revelation concerning settings and I tried it.

It worked.

The new version seems pretty cool.

Now, if we could only do something about Communicator…