Top Ten Anti-McCain Digg Articles


I’ve written about web bias before. The reason that I singled out Digg was because of the many occasions that I’ve heard the CEO Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose talk about how much Digg is user driven. While that may actually be true, I’ve always found it odd that when it comes to Obama and McCain, I never see a positive article about John McCain. Statistically speaking, Digg should have accidentally posted a postive McCain article by now.

This morning, I thought I’d look at my newsreader and see where we stand on our postive McCain articles on the Digg website. This is what I found.

I looked at the stories that landed on the Digg front page from 12:01am Saturday morning until this morning at 5:40am. The mission: to see how many Pro-McCain articles I could find and count how many Anti-McCain articles I found. Here are the results.

I left Sarah Palin stories out of it.

Pro-McCain stories = 0
Anti-McCain stories = 11

Of the 11 Anti-McCain stories, 6 of them were from Apparently, Digg is a Huffington Post mirror site. The other stories came from CBS News, UPI, Newsweek, New York Times, and Eyes On Obama.

Here are the Huffington Post headlines…

1. Bush Official: Bailout Likely, McCain Lost PR Battle
2. First Debate: Reviews Go To Obama
3. Max Bergmann: Major Gaffe: McCain Said Pakistan Was a Failed
4. Debate Fact Check-McCain Lied About Financial Crisis Warning
5. Obama To McCain: On Iraq, “You Were Wrong”
6. Obama Slams McCain For Not Mentioning Middle Class

The remaining 5 headlines are…

7. CBS Poll: Obama Won The Debate
8. McCain dead wrong about Kissinger’s stance on talk with Iran
9. Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain
10. McCain and Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry
11. McCain Has Worst Attendance Record in Washington

At least, 4 years ago MTV was nice to him. Here’s a piece from that interview…

MTV News, 2004: Four years from now, whether or not the president is re-elected, is there a chance we might see the “Straight Talk Express” hitting the road again?

John McCain: I think it’s very unlikely. … We had a kind of magical moment [in 2000]. A lot of things came together that I think would be very difficult to do again. And one thing I would hate to be is somebody who goes back in and would lose. … It’s a long time away, but I doubt it. [Smiling.] I’m not gettin’ any younger!

Ahhh, on second thought, perhaps he will run again. Who knew?

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