Is it soooo wrong….

…to watch people fall for something whether it be a political candidate for either party or man-made global warming or the global suppression of Africa or the actor that has played a President on a television show or the loss of American identity…

…and feeling like you want to laugh and then cry?

1. McCain lost 2 primaries before this last one. It was clear that conservatives didn’t want him to run. Obama shouldn’t have even been running for President, yet.

2. Man made global warming isn’t true and isn’t real and has been disproved so many times by so many reputable scientists that the fact that anyone can still say those words is utterly confounding to me.

3. The world leaders don’t want Africa to use it’s own natural resources like gas, coal, and oil to pull itself up and become more than just a “third” world country. Their solution is to allow Africa to use wind power and solar power. Unfortunately, both of those options are too expensive for the average African to afford which, they COULD afford if they were allowed to use their own natural resources, which they are NOT. Does your head hurt over that one too?

4. Actors are well… actors. They are playing make believe like when you were 5 and you played cowboys and indians with the neighbor kid up the street. They only difference is that they are older and have cameras pointed at them while they are playing make believe. Just because you played a cowboy doesn’t mean that you know how to herd cattle and shoe a horse. The same goes with actors who play important people. Just because they acted like someone who is important doesn’t mean that they are and it certainly doesn’t make them an expert.

5. I read an article which I will NOT pass along yesterday written by a complete moron who has written horrible stories in the past, but I digress. The subject of his story was that he thought that defending your country (in this case the United States) was a noble yet stupid idea. He didn’t think we needed to defend our country and he certainly didn’t love it. His take was that conservatives are obsessive about the US and are fanatical about duty, honor, and country. I suppose that if it wasn’t for the obsessive fanatical Americans that came before him, he would have been writing his column in German or Japanese.

I never did really believe that conservatives are any better than liberals or the other way around. I prefer the common sense approach. You can say whatever you want to me as long as it makes sense. Liberals just don’t make sense to me. To embrace ideas that simply don’t work, don’t make sense, and have the virtue of having been tried and failed doesn’t seem rational to me.

It’s ok to have passion and be moved and motivated by it. The danger lies in taking our heads out of the equation and leaving the heart in charge. It only feels good until the head comes back.

For die hard liberals, the heart is in charge and the head isn’t coming back.

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