A Quick Windows 7 Preview

Of course, I’m happy to be Beta Testing for Microsoft again. I completely sidestepped Vista because I knew it had problems. Enter Microsoft Windows 7 Beta. Installation was rather slow but overall, I like the way it looks and feels.


The login screen is simple. Simple is always good. The fact that Windows 7 makes you establish a user account is even better.


Again. The desktop design and layout is simple.


For me, this is where it all falls apart. I have NO internet connectivity and the various control panels and setup screens don’t appear to be easy to figure out. It’s much like XP when XP doesn’t work.

I can’t blame this on Microsoft. I’m running this on my MacBook Pro which, in turn, is running Sun’s Virtual Box. I plan on testing the OS on a PC box real soon.

On the surface, it looks pretty good. As time rolls on, I’ll provide more details on how to fix the Sun problems as well as testing Microsoft Windows 7 the way I always like to. Until it breaks. 🙂

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