BSG: Weekly Breakdown

Please move on folks. Nothing to see here.

The seeds have been sown for something awful to happen as far as some kind of rebellion within the fleet starring Felix and the VP.

President R. is still not worth much and totally mental. The end of this week’s episode finds her in bed with Adama. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

I expected that the last few shows would be “edge of your seat” type stuff. The last two shows were dull and boring.

I’ve never seen such a great idea be completely wasted.

When this series started, it was a complete thrill ride even though I had to cope with a complete re-write of the story and characters. I was willing to forgive that as long as the story came out good.

Sometimes I feel like the writers believe that we’ll just like anything they put out because it’s Battlestar Galactica after all.

Well, we don’t.

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