BSG: Daybreak, Part 1

Getting down to the last Battlestar Galactica episode has become a painful television experience.

Daybreak isn’t a bad episode at all. I really enjoyed the Caprica flashback that showed Laura Roslin’s family tragedy and find myself wondering if there will be any relevance in the end.

The last episode will be shown this week and in all honesty, I may just completely forget to watch it.

I find myself wondering what Starbuck is. I guess the two questions that will need to be answered are the Starbuck thing and what Hera means to all of this. Does Starbuck’s song have anything to do with the ending or what she is? Ok, that’s a third question.

This show had real promise in the beginning even with flipping the sex of two characters and changing the race of another. Baltar was not the Baltar he was in the original series and this showing makes you almost feel sorry for him.

Colonel Tigh used to be black, dependable as all get out, and a straight shooter not a white alcoholic who later finds out that he’s a Cylon married to another Cylon.

Was it symbolic to bring Richard Hatch into the series only to shoot him as a traitor a few episodes back? Wow.

Liberalism is a very dark place. A very liberal type penned this inclination of a great story and drove the concepts, characters, and storyline into the ground while making you feel so bad about yourself at the same time.

The only reason that I would ever give Ronald Moore another franchise to work with would be if my intention was well, to kill it.

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