Stuck In The Studio


I haven’t really written anything thats of any use in quite some time. Reason? I’ve been on overload in the Radio Station and in the editing studio.

I have recently moved and of course, that means new place, new internet connection, trial and error of existing equipment, and so many other little details.

If I just worked both jobs there would be no time for me. No time to watch the season finale of CSI: Miami or head out to the new Star Trek movie.

I still believe in “producing” content rather then “consuming” it. I always like to listen to other podcasts to find out how the shows I produce stack up against my internet peers. The time for me to do so is seriously limited. Perhaps if I could listen to my iPod at my “day” job? Hmmmmm.

I have chosen to do the aforementioned things because Mike needs a little downtime. I need time to sit down and watch a flick and enjoy a beverage.

Did I mention at least 12 miles a day of “mountain biking?”

In all of this go go go I have still found some time to be listening to the 5th book in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series while I wait for his next release in the “Safehold” series.

Some recent audiobooks I’ve listened to are…

The Google Story
Run for Your Life
The Forever War
Pandora’s Star
The Shack (continuously listening)

Now. I’d like to grab my soapbox and rant for a minute or two.

About what? You ask.

Science. Modern Science. If that is what you can truly call it.

I truly believe that in some parts, the scientific method is a dead art form. It seems my landlord and I are continuously arguing about the finer points of science. I consider myself a scientist as is he even though our political views are radically opposed.

I think every generation has said that they are living in the end times. I will not make that claim here. What I will say is that it needs to happen as soon as possible.

I remember when a scientific announcement of any kind was a large deal. We had a theory or a postulation that had to be proven or disproven before any scientific announcement was made. We call this the scientific method. It is the basis for most of our underlying scientific principles. Today, we see one conclusion one week and an entirely opposite one the next week.

Human arrogance has grown to a point where the science has become general babel. In the case of manmade global warming, a handfull of scientists who supposedly agree with backing from the U.N. have declared that man is killing the earth and must be stopped or slowed. That is unfortunate.

Scientists rarely agree on anything. They can’t even predict the weather and yet they want me to believe in something that has turned into a mere cult.

Every single day I see another story about how much global warming is a big load of crap. I hope this trend continues.

We need the planet killing asteroid. I welcome it. If it prevents the spread of this type of garbage then I’m all for it. I guess man made global warming would be a lot less of a problem if there simply wasn’t anyone around to enjoy it.

As a society, we have become too complacent, too arrogant, and incredibly stupid.

What’s next, they’ll tell us that people aren’t the problem but that guns are?

Oops. Yeah. Big. Asteroid. Now.

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