Infrequent Blogging


I know there are serious gaps in my posts but I have a really good reason for that…

…2 full time jobs.

I get up and work for 4 hours on Take That! Radio.

I go to my day time job for 8 hours.

I come home and record podcasts and edit for an additional 4 hours.

I also have to squeeze in writing, designing websites, artwork, and…

…eating and sleeping.

I think Melissa’s schedule is even worse.

All the folks who are working on projects and podcasts at Take That! are doing so because we all believe that we make a difference.

I had a friend of mine ask me if I felt that I was doing enough to advance my conservative values. At the time, I thought “no.”

When I went to Washington 2 weeks ago, I helped Melissa and Tabitha interview over a dozen key players in the conservative movement. My moment of Zen came when I looked up from my laptop as Melissa was conducting an interview and realizing that United States Senator Jim DeMint was sitting 2 feet away from me talking to Melissa to appear on a show I produce.

Did I feel like I was doing enough?

Did I mention that Jim DeMint was 2 feet away from me?

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