Dumb Ass Spaniards

Global Warming is the one issue that I can honestly say that I saw right through from day one. It NEVER made any sense. I don’t need to be a scientist to see the bullshit. I feel vindicated.

In my on going “common sense is dead” series…

This level of dumb is amazing.

PORT OF SPAIN (Reuters) – Commonwealth leaders will lobby for an international climate deal that includes $10 billion for next year to help poor and vulnerable states fight the effects of global warming, the Maldives president said on Saturday.

Mohamed Nasheed, whose small Indian Ocean state risks being swamped by rising sea levels caused by climate change, said the proposal for such funding was part of a draft climate statement to be issued on Saturday by Commonwealth leaders meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

The entire article is here.

In case you’ve missed it, man made global warming has been publicly shown to be a fraud. You can get started on all of the reading here.

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