“The Man” is keeping me down

Ok. Maybe not “the man” but possibly the IP Police.

Yesterday, I tried to log into one of my websites and failed at least 5 times in a row. I couldn’t remember the password or something like that.

Right after that, I could help but notice that I couldn’t get into any of my own websites. Everything else was fine. YouTube, CNN, and theonion all worked but my sites didn’t. I didn’t really go to the CNN website. I put that on the list for dramatic effect.

Turns out that I suspect that after multiple log in failures, the server farm blacklisted me or blocked my IP or whatever.

So, “the man” isn’t really keeping me down he just kicked me out.

***Update*** The “Man” is really not impressed with me. He gave a bunch of sh** for changing the website that I signed up with and proceeded to yell at me because the domain name was no longer registered. I personally don’t think it’s any of their business anyway. I pay them for a working server farm not a broken one that blocks the owners IP address. The war continues…

*** Resolution *** My IP provider apologized for blocking my IP and restored my access. The reason I was blocked was because I tried to log in unsuccessfully too many times in a short amount of time.

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