Media Bias in Technology

Just in case you think all of your main stream news is biased, here comes an article found on Slashdot. This could be a fault in the way the article is written but on the surface your common sense filter should go off.

Here is what you read when you are on the site

“We know that the iPad is selling like hotcakes, but how satisfied are the people who buy it? Over at Technologizer, we conducted a survey of 6,000 iPad early adopters. There are a few places where they were critical — the majority, for instance, aren’t happy with Apple’s App Store approval process. Overall, however, they’re overwhelmingly upbeat.”

Now, the first red light to go off would be the one that says “Why would an iPad user give a rat’s ass about the iTunes Store Application Approval Process?”

(picture source: PC World)

The quick answer. They wouldn’t. The person buying an iPad is buying to use it. If they want an application, they simply go to iTunes and pick what they want and buy it. At present, Apple does NOT have a section in the iTunes store devoted to applications that they may be sitting on waiting to release or deny at some future date.

In order for the consumer to “care” about the approval process they would have to know something about it and why would they? How would they know who is developing what and in addition, what problems they may be having getting their product up on the iTunes store? “EA is coming out with this really cool game but Apple is holding up releasing it. I really don’t like the application approval process.” So, a majority of those random folks you surveyed sounded something like that?

I submit that they wouldn’t.

A majority of a survey of 6,000 users would not turn up such findings unless those 6,000 were strictly developers. Without taking a survey, I can tell you that my daughter doesn’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a USB port.

Me: So, Jennifer what don’t you like about the iPad.
Jennifer: I wish it had a USB port.
Me: So, what do you think about the application approval process?
Jennifer: Huh? Is that an app? How much is that?
Me: Nevermind.

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