iPhone 4 and a Rant

*** iPhone 4 ***

Why does the new iPhone have various reception issues regarding the cellular antenna?

You can thank the Federal Government for meddling in business along with design and development once again.

via MacWorld

First, iPhone 4, like almost every other modern cell phone, puts the cellular antennas at the bottom, where they are most likely to be covered by your hand. The reason is that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has strict limits on the amount of energy that can be absorbed by the human body from a handheld device, Webb says in his first post last week. The energy limit is called the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. So the phone designers move the antennas as far away from the head as possible—to the bottom of the phone.

Because of this SAR restriction that seems to be an entirely arbitrary number (let’s face it, the numbers will change tomorrow) the designers of the iPhone 4 as well as others are faced with serious fundamental functionality issues when it comes to cell phones in general.

Engineering will come up with a solution. I’m sure of that.

From a “stay the hell out of my life” position with respect to the FCC driving design of a cell phone, I think this is a great example of government over reaching into our lives.

Of course, there will be those few who argue about the safety concerns involving having a cell phone too close to your head and possibly (never proven) causing cancer but the real question becomes “do you want the government to make those decisions for you?”

If a cell phone is proven to cause cancer, I’m pretty sure people will stop using them.

*** The Rant (in no particular order) ***

Neither any individual nor the government (body politic) as a whole is smart enough to tell me how to live my life. In fact, quite the opposite is true. This generation of politicians is so corrupt that the fact that they can no longer read (e.g. the constitution) pales in comparison.

If true representative government worked as it should in a Republic such as ours, this post would be entirely unnecessary.

Unfortunately, most of the people of this great land who elected a socialist as President and now feel the pains of buyers remorse can rejoice in the fact that despite all of the technology and the internet and all of our advances they remain the “diet Pepsi” of American society since our inception. Perhaps, the stupidest generation of adults the world has ever produced. Just one calorie, hardly even capable of turning on the television without the remote control. I have watched my daughter spend over 15 minutes searching for a remote instead of just going over to the television and using the “ON” switch. I rest my case.

We need laws to spell out the painfully obvious and at the moment this started to happen the forefathers collectively turned in their graves yet again.

I believe that America is the greatest country on the face of the Earth even in it’s presently unrecognizable form.

Will we ever make the necessary changes to fix our broken society? We have become too fat and too lazy so probably not.

If you really like air conditioning instead of letting your body naturally control your weight than you may actually live longer if the fact that you are living like a piece of steak in the refrigerator doesn’t bother you.

I can hear it now, “I’m a political blogger and I’m making a difference.” Actually, no you are not. At the very best, you are preaching to the folks who believe exactly as you do. At worst, you are getting web traffic because you wrote a post that contained either the words “boob” or “nude” in it. Preaching to the same side doesn’t advance anything. The real mission is conversation, discussion, and eventually conversion to your side and way of thinking.

I posted a quote from Bill Clinton a few weeks ago…

The problem with ideology is, if you’ve got an ideology you’ve already got your mind made up. You know all the answers and that makes evidence irrelevant and arguments a waste of time.

The bloggers that make a real effort to reach across the political divides and engage their counterparts are the real winners of political blogging.

If you are conservative and consider Fox News to be conservative and you watch Fox News all day, how could your opinion be considered in any way a fair one. The same applies to those who watch CNN all day long as well. I have a friend who watches CNN all day long and the funny thing is…if I want his opinion on any given political issue all I have to do is turn on CNN. It’s as predicable as my 10:00 alarm clock.

Ok, I’ve done enough ranting this morning.

This stuff pisses me off.

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