Cycling Safety

I very rarely even talk about this on my website but after seeing an article in my local paper this morning about the increasing number of motorcycle accidents perhaps, its time to say a few words.

To the riders: Don’t be stupid.

From LancasterOnline

Ten motorcyclists have died in crashes in about a four-week period in Lancaster County.

A watch repair technician died when his cycle ran off the road on a sunny morning near a Manheim Township neighborhood. Two 20-year-old buddies died when their motorcycle hit a tree that was downed during a summer storm one night in Martic Township.
And five friends, including two married couples, died in a crash after they collided with a van during a Sunday afternoon ride down Route 72.

So far this year, 14 motorcyclists have died in crashes.


Later on in the article (I suggest you read the whole thing) they ask a veteran rider about the things he does to keep safe on the road. It struck me that this man has the same philosophy that I do when it comes to intersections and driver behavior.

“If I come to an intersection and there’s a car sitting there, I assume he’s going to pull out in front of me, and I start slowing down and planning evasive action,” he said.

Why does he do that?

“Ninety percent of the time, they do pull out in front of you,” said Richard, who said his 128-member chapter distributes yard signs that say, “Look twice, save a life.”

While riding your bike, you are the captain of the ship and the one in control. Accidents are caused by assumptions. Not only do assumptions make “an ass out of you and me” but they can also get you killed. Never assume that the driver is just going to sit there while you cross an intersection. It’s a better bet that he won’t.

My rule of thumb is to make the car go first if it comes down to either of us waiting. I MAKE them go whether they blow their horn or wave me on; I simply can’t trust them.

Any how, good information none the less.

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