What’s In A Name?

My “talking point” of the day. Why the conservatives do so poorly in new media compared to the left?

Conservatives have to name everything “Right.”

On the left…

They know how to name things.

Huffington Post. Daily Koz. Etc. Can you tell what their politics are by the name? No. Not everyone may be as net savvy as you are.

At this point in time, it’s actually annoying to see “liberal” or “conservative” in a name.

If your podcast, website, or conference didn’t have the word “right” in it, you may have actually tricked someone from the opposite side into discovering it and taking part instead of seeing the word “right” and running the other way.

Statistically speaking; leaving your politics out of your name is one of the easiest ways of attracting a new following.

Just sayin.

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