Do YOU Like Sex With Goats?


The latest Twitter glitch allows you to post that you like to have sex with goats.

via TechCrunch

Either a lot of Techies are into really kinky things, or there is a Twitter worm going around. It looks like a ton of people just started sending out Tweets saying “I Like Anal Sex With Goats.” This Tweet is followed by another one that says “WTF” and includes a link. Do NOT click on this link; it appears that it will cause you to send out the same series of Tweets from your account. It looks like this is happening across third-party clients and on

Guaranteed that we’ll see this later on TWiT! They are LIVE all day today and will be doing the official TWiT (this week in tech) show at 6:00 pm EST.


Update: No. TWiT never mentioned this. They instead discussed the ever boring Michael Arrington and had a guest on who started off the show dropping a bullshit reference. Bad internet connection, crappy camera, and a complete disregard for the fact that you don’t play with your microphone and headset while taping made her one of the most obnoxious guests that have ever been on TWiT. On a positive note, Veronica Belmont and her boyfriend Ryan Block made the crappy guest more palatable.

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