Switching to Office 2010


When it comes to spreadsheets, word processors, and general office software I hate change.

I remember using one of the very best Word Processor’s ever written SpeedScript for the Commodore 64 and wondering how anyone was ever going to top that simplistic gem written by Compute! Magazine contributor Charles Brannon. I remember literally typing in the code from the magazine to create the software. Ah, those were the days.


We’ve come a long way since then. I use half a dozen different programs for different purposes. Word processors, manuscript writers, concept writers, etc.

Office 2010 is a major jump for anyone who uses Office 2003. Let’s face it; we’re talking a seven year gap.

I remember using Office 2007 and becoming frustrated by the new menu system.

I did some catching up last night by taking a few online courses and we’ll see how it goes.

Update: Our offices are now entirely upgraded to Office 2010. I think that once you get used to the “ribbon” and where they’ve moved everything, its not a bad upgrade. At least I no longer get errors when I try to open any Office document.

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