Help Desk Fun

You see, I have a slight problem.

My bandwidth settings on my websites are wrong and they need to be corrected. Because of a problem that is beyond my reach or ability to fix, I have submitted a help desk request to have this problem corrected.

So far, this is the way it’s going.

Me: Help Desk Ticket#1 Opened. I can not change my bandwidth up or down.

Them: Ok, here is what you do. Change your bandwidth of the biggest account down to 1 megabyte. Make sure the other accounts don’t exceed your maximum bandwidth and then change your biggest account back making sure not to exceed your bandwidth settings.

Me: Huh?

Them: Help Desk Ticket Closed.

Me: Huh? Um, I can not change my bandwidth settings up or down.

Them: Send us a detailed description of your issue with login instructions, what you click on, etc.

Me: Huh? Why?

Them: Help Desk Ticket #2 Closed.

Me: What? My issue isn’t fixed. Help Desk Ticket#3 Opened. Pictures and login information sent.

Update: Finally got someone who understood the problem and corrected it.

Now. The universe can continue.

Update#2 : The Strictly Right Mark Steyn podcast has become so popular that it’s hogging all of my bandwidth. No; I’m not providing a link. Re-read Update#2.

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