Proposition 19

I personally have never been into pot. I friend of mine tried to get me to try it once. I took a puff. My face turned red. Nothing happened. Mystery is over. I never once thought about doing it again.

I don’t think it should be any more illegal than alcohol and that is about as much as I care about the issue.

Proposition 19 is about MORE than pot.

It’s about a states right to make and enforce its own rule of law.

This country was founded on that principle. The federal government was recognized as “barely necessary” and was written into our laws accordingly.

If California wants to make marijuana legal, they have every right to do so without federal interference. That also means that we don’t play the “you won’t get federal funding if you don’t play along” type of crap either.

States rights are the very foundation of these United States whether the fed likes it or not.

I think this fight will get a bit hairy.

It shouldn’t but it will.

If I were California, I’d arrest any federal officer who interfered with a state law if proposition 19 passes.

The last time I checked, state law is supposed to trump federal law.

If the fed doesn’t like that, the fed can suck it.

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