Leaving Twitter

I haven’t used Twitter since the superbowl.

It reminded me that I don’t use it much because I think it robs the hard core users of precious time. Time they could be using for something else like..oh, I don’t know spending time with real actual people perhaps.

Rather than being a mere tool, to some people I know Twitter is a way of life. A major portion of their day includes Twitter. To me, this is a serious problem.

I prefer to spend the time with my girls in a more face to face fashion. Emailing someone who lives in your house or telling your kids that its time for dinner by posting a message on Facebook is a major failing.

The idea that you can be “plugged in” to everything going on and still have a functioning family life is an illusion.

chipheadmike is no longer a functioning Twitter handle and I’m ok with that.

Update: (03.05.2011) Still NOT using Twitter. Universe still here.

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