The iPad and Franklin Covey

Sad iPad

I’m thinking the two should meet sometime.

Ok, let’s tie this together and I’ll tell you a short story.

Many years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Franklin Planner system. Along with exposing to the art of planning and being proactive about your day he also had gotten a set of 3 tapes with his planner (back then, Franklin Planner sold you a day planner along with the training materials for it. I know. Nuts). These tapes were never transferred to a more modern medium like CDs. I know. I spent a crap load of time looking for them.


I was playing around on Amazon one day and found someone who had a used set of the very tapes I was looking for. I bought them and using a tape deck and a line input on my iMac, I soon has these tapes in a new CD format. Ahhh…Hyrum Smith and his training seminar lives.

But wait. New problem.

I haven’t owned a Franklin Day Planner in about 3 years. Bad Mike.

Yesterday, I listened to all 4 hours of the seminar.

There are no comparable software programs written for the iPad. It seems a natural fit. That’s my gripe this morning.

If I want the software for the iPad, I’m going to have to write it.

I can’t believe that not even Franklin Covey has written a descent software app for the iPad.

Before you ask, I won’t be allowed to sell the software I’m writing. I wish I could share it but I’m sure the powers that be at FC will get sue happy over software they didn’t authorize.

Oh yeah, I saw the software FC has for the iPhone. It has gotten lousy reviews and the planning piece hasn’t been updated or supported in two years. Bad FC.

Update: (04/05/11) I broke down and bought a new planner from FC.

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