A Nano Regression?

Most folks who are “geeky” enough (like me) tend to buy the latest iPod when Apple releases them.

I remember when I bought my first iPod. Apple has come a long way since then. The designs have gotten better, the storage capacity has grown, they’ve added cameras, and even a radio.

Until the last Nano. They made this one small, square, and have given it a touch screen. Ok, that’s cool.

Apple ipod nano 16gb mp3 player 6th generation latest model blue largefrontimage 320w

However, it doesn’t play video and it doesn’t have a camera. Oh yeah, it doesn’t have an external speaker (all features of the previous version).

HT1353 nano5g

But, you can wear it like a watch.

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Ok, cool.

I’ve gotten the 16 gig version of the last design and the latest design. I can’t help feeling that I’ve paid the same amount of money for less of a product.

Like the 3.5″ floppy drive in the old iMacs, perhaps this is Apple’s way of saying that we don’t need those things in a Nano.

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