The Ideal Candidate for President

I agree with Jimmie Bise on this one.

The ideal candidate for President is someone that loves America and it shows. It’s all they talk about. Their position on America’s place in the world is crystal clear and no one who ever hears a speech that they give will doubt that.

The ideal candidate will not attack any other candidate. They will not use phrases such as “well Bob, unlike my friend here, I believe that…” or “that Chuck, boy what a nutcase he is.” You get the idea. This candidate will not have a derogatory thing to say about their opponents because he/she will be focusing on other things, as it should be.

The ideal candidate will outline what our immediate problems are and outline what he/she will do to fix them. Not “pie in the sky” fixes based on a whole bunch of variables that they really have no control over. Instead of saying “the unemployment rate will never get above 8%” the ideal candidate will outline the steps they will do within the perview of the office to affect change.

The ideal candidate will not be big on social media. I would rather have the president tending the daily business of running a country and really don’t care if they tweet about what they had for lunch. Seriously.

The ideal candidate will be wise enough to realize that neither they nor anyone who works with them is smart enough to tell me how to live my life.

The ideal candidate will not tell me what to eat, how to eat, or ban things that I like to eat. It’s none of their business and the ideal candidate is smart enough to know that.

The ideal candidate will not talk about things that he/she doesn’t know.

The ideal candidate will realize that it’s “your” money and act accordingly.

It’s a shame that the ideal candidate no longer exists.

The ideal candidate sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan…

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