Still Working On It

Contrary to popular belief, I am still re-designing this site.

The re-design also includes a schedule for regular posting which, if I choose not to follow, will result in something really bad happening to me. Ok, maybe not.

I don’t believe that anyone can say that they don’t have time for anything. We all get 24 hours a day. It’s what we choose to do with that time that really matters.

I’m not writing as much as I should right now because I am choosing to do other things.

We are creating a massive media library here at “mini-Google” and I am spending a good bit of time on that.

The noise that goes around inside of this building also makes it very difficult to write. When I get motivated, something loud happens and I loose my train of thought. I’m old. It happens.

As I sit here writing, a big huge tractor trailer is driving through my neighborhood and I find myself wondering why no one has ever filed for an ordinance to stop it.

This is f&^%&^% suburbia. Big f^*^%$^ Mac trucks do NOT f^&%$^$ belong here.

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