Writing Observations

It seems that when you can get up in the morning and concentrate on just writing you can get more done.

My sessions have been far more productive when I don’t have to worry about dealing with other things. I imagine that Stephen King probably locks himself up in his office and doesn’t come out until he is finished with putting down his thoughts. I have adopted a similar policy. If I am getting into something that I’ll either need to finish or don’t want to lose by interruption then the door gets closed. If I’m making a blog post like this one, door stays open.

My ideal dream job is doing this very thing. Not writing about politics or doing column work; anyone can do that. I’m talking about crafting a story. Taking an idea that you have and making it bloom into an interesting tale that anyone can follow along with and enjoy.

I think it would be thrilling to sit in a movie theater with folks you don’t know watching something you wrote and being able to see their reactions in real time as they watch it. I suppose that would have both positive and negative implications.

This is what is known as a “drive by” post.

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